Office Management Reports

Your accounts package, when used to its full potential, is an invaluable office and cash flow management tool. Within Sol-Est Accounts, you will find the following useful reports:

Aged Debtors Report: this report should be printed and reviewed monthly to check for long outstanding bills. Reminders can be issued to clients to ensure good cash flow.

Unbilled Disbursements Listing: this report will list all disbursements which have not yet been billed. It can act as a reminder to bill and transfer outlays received into the client account, and also to identify irrecoverable disbursement which need to be written off.

Aged Creditors Listing: keeping an eye on what money you owe is equally as important! Often, suppliers will give a discount on early payment, or may charge interest on late payment, so be aware of your credit terms and be mindful to issue transfers or cheques when necessary.

Full Client & Office Ledger Summary: This is a very useful report to run as it summarises every active ledger balance, showing unbilled disbursements, office bills due and money on hand in the client account. Where money is on hand in the client ledger and money also owed as disbursements or bills, you can easily identify where transfers need to be made.

Sol-Est Accounting Software generates these reports, and many others, quickly and easily, making practice management a breeze. All Sol-Est & CBS clients are given guidance in producing and utilising their reporting system to its full potential. If your software package can not generate useful reports, or you cannot get suitable software support to enable you to utilise and maximise your software, you need to upgrade your system. Contact Sol-Est today for a free trial – links are on our website, you can call us on 074 97 22918 or drop us an email at

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