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Sol-Est: the latest Accounts Software for Legal & Real Estate Practices

Fast, Powerful, Easy to Use.
The ultimate accounting software for the small to medium sized legal or real estate practice.

Keep your accounts in check with Sol-Est Accounts Software.

  • Modern, Fresh, Up-To-Date Software
  • Intuitive Design & Easy to Use Features
  • Comprehensive Training & Online Support
  • Fully Compliant With Industry Regulations

We have over 35 years of experience in the field of legal & real estate accounts and are considered leading consultants in this area. In our quest to find the perfect accounting software for small to medium sized practices, we decided to build our own. Sol-Est posting processes are straightforward, our reports are comprehensive, and your book-keeper will love us!


Sol-Est Accounting Software allows you to quickly & comprehensively record everything required to keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently within the Solicitors' Accounts Regulations stipulated by the Law Society.

Estate Agents

Sol-Est Accounting Software enables you to easily and efficiently record all client and office transactions, whilst producing the necessary reports to ensure compliance with the PSRA Client Moneys Regulations.


When your clients use Sol-Est Software, you can rest assured that your accounting and audit work will be much simpler. The combined services of Sol-Est & CBS will mean you always receive fully balanced accounts. Find out more here

Even the smallest practice can benefit enormously from investing in accounts software

For a small fee, you will have the reassurance of knowing:

  • Your Client Ledgers Are Balanced.
  • Your Records are Compliant with Relevant Industry Legislation.
  • Your Accounts are Safely Backed Up to Secure Off-Site Servers.

  • Your Peace of Mind is Invaluable.

    You should never worry about a Regulatory Audit, your End of Year Accounts or the Finanical Position of your Business.

    Sol-Est the solution to any accounting worries you may have.

A Powerful but Simple to Use Solution for all your Accounting Needs

Developed by specialist bookkeepers specifically for Legal and Real Estate practices, Sol-Est takes the mystery out of accounts and instead shows that with proper training and expert support, you can keep perfectly balanced and compliant accounting records with minimal fuss.

Sol-Est Accounting Software goes above & beyond in order to ensure that your accounts are no longer a headache.

  • Intuitive Design and User Friendly Interface.
  • Regulation Compliant Ledger Cards, Posting, Balancing and Reporting.
  • Superior Training with On-line and On-call Support.
  • A Wealth of Free Tutorials & Guides covering All Your Accounting and Regulation Questions.

You can get a Free Trial immediately, or be up and running in full within 3 days!

Of course, every practice and every situation is different.
You may need our import services, help with opening balances or more in-depth training. An experienced book-keeper requires very little training on Sol-Est, due to its intuitive design.

  • Free Trial Software available with No Obligation and No Credit Card requirement.
  • Client & Matter Details Import Services available from most software packages.
  • Full Assistance given to Set-Up and Reconcile Opening Balances.

Most software packages do not have the benefit of our comprehensive knowlegdge of legal and real estate accounts, and we are in a unique position to not only provide software, but also industry leading accounts support.

Not only do we provide software training and support, we can also answer your accounting queries

We have over 35 years of experience in the field of legal accounts and are considered leading consultants in this area. We believe that top quality training, tutorials and advice are key to the smooth running of the accounting department in any business.

You can access our comprehensive suite of How To videos, User Manuals, Printable Infographics and Tips and Tricks on our sister site -

  • Free Video Tutorials on all aspects of Bookkeepers' Postings.
  • Free Guides for Managers annd Bookkeepers to ensure Regulatory Compliance.
  • Blog Updates with the latest Industry News, Audit Tips and Accounting Information.


Our Full Range of Services

Sol-Est Software

Sol-Est can be purchased via an annual licence with free updates or as part of a package with on-going support and bookkeeping services. Secure backup services to our servers are available.

Sol-Est Training

We can provide various levels of training, dependent on your needs. In just few short sessions, we can train a novice bookkeeper to use Sol-Est to its full potential.

Sol-Est Support

We can provide on-going support for any posting difficulties you may encounter in Sol-Est. If you make a mistake, or have a complex transaction, we are just a call away.

Sol-Est Tutorials

Together with our sister site, CBSDGL.IE , we have produced a portfolio of video tutorials and step-by-step instructions to cover all types of transaction scenarios and reporting requirements.

Bookkeeping Services

A combined Software & Accounting package is available, and we can provide all your bookkeeping requirements, from posting and reporting to reconciliations and even audit preparation

Mini Audits

We recommend that even if you do not avail of our Bookkeeping package, that once per year you should avail of our Mini Audit service, where we will comprehensively check your accounts system for Regulation Compliance.